Arts and Sciences Library (ASL)

 direct contact:
 (52) 518-621;  (52) 512-900/61921
 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.


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The Arts and Sciences Library is the largest and oldest library of the DEENK Libraries, which is open to the public since 1933 in the University's Main Building. The building with its unique atmosphere is home to the collections of philology and natural sciences, including literary works, dictionaries, travel books, books on history, psychology, religion, philosophy, mathematics and physics. Moreover, the Director’s Office and the Austria Collection are situated here. 

The main entrance of the Library is on the first floor of the Main Building that opens onto the inner ceremonial courtyard. The courtyard is a venue for many cultural events and exhibitions.

People with disabilities can access the first floor of the library through the main entrance and the second floor through door 201 that is located next to the Institute of Educational Studies and Cultural Management.  

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Updated: 2021.09.07.