Covid-19: Reopening

In the next phase of the gradual lifting of the protective measures we reopen our libraries from 4th May, 2021. From this day, patrons can re-enter library spaces to research and borrow in the usual form. 

However, according to the relevant regulations, our libraries can only be visited by those, who are immune against the coronavirus, so you must present your immunity certificate. You can also download the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) mobile app.* Both certifications are valid with ID card or passport.  

*Please note that we can only accept certifications issued in Hungary. 

We also recommend to be careful so we suggest to wear a face mask during administration and movement in the library, as well as use hand sanitizer and keep 1,5 m distance. In order to reduce the number of contacts, please use the self-service kiosks for borrowing at the following libraries: ASL, LSL, BCL and KCL

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Can I borrow without immunity certificate? 

Our borrowing services are still available to patrons without immunity certificate.  If you do not have a valid library membership, you can register here (only for University Students and Staff).

As part of this, we will compile and pre-loan the books you requested online. You can pick up your book package at the circulation desks of each libraries in the opening hours. 

How to borrow?

  • Find the document you want to borrow in the online catalogue
  • Send a stack request
  • Wait for the verification e-mail and check your requests here
  • Visit the library indicated as a serving location of your document and pick up the prepared package

unipass kép

Please note: when you come to pick up your package, follow the posted instructions, always wear a mask and follow the safety precautions.

Book pickup times

Delivery times vary by the library; it usually takes 30-120 minutes.
The documents will be kept at the desks for 2 days counted from the date of the verification. Then the item will be returned to the stacks.

Always bring your library card with you!

What happens to already borrowed documents?

As we provide borrowing in a limited form, book returns and renewals are available with restrictions as well. The settlement of late fees is available in the Neptun system.

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Please note that book reservation is not available. 

Book return

Please use the book drop boxes located in our libraries when returning books.

Please note that you  can return books borrowed from any of our libraries at these sites except for the Szolnok Campus Library, Health Sciences Library and Pedagogy Library, where you can only return books borrowed from there.

Please do not drop books from other institutional libraries.

You can return books via postal service as well to the following address: 
DEENK, 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.

Settlement of fees 

University students can settle library debts in the Neptun system. In accordance with the health regulations, you can pay with card or cash as well. 

unipass kép

Please note that debts will appear in the Neptun system only after we updated your loan record. After it you can settle your debt.

Library Clearance Certificate

In case of most Faculty, we issue certificate online, based on the consultations between the Library and Faculties.


Digital copies

During the pandemic situation you can request digital copies of articles and book chapters (max 60 pg) in full compliance with the law.

Further information>>

Electronically available books, information sources

Use off-campus access to access our licensed databases and online resources from an off-campus location.


You can find subscribed databases here>>> 

The list is constantly updated with the electronic resources temporarily made available due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Available categories: Hungarian and foreign e-books, journals, temporarily available contents, scienctometrics, consortium subscriptions, video collections. The content can be browsed by academic disciplines as well.


E-books and journals

Use the E-Document Finder to find e-books and journals in foreign languages.


Broader Access to DEA

We have extended the access to documents stored in the University of Debrecen Electronic Archive (DEA). Registered users of the library with remote access can also view documents marked with "University IP" or " Library computers" restriction from home (eg.: thesis and diploma papers).  Click here for further details>>



Free online sources

Open access scientific journals can be found at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and books at the  Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).

During the coronavirus epidemic, the EIS provides temporarily free access to international databases>>>


Updated: 2021.05.21.