Vision, Mission Statement


Our Vision

The University of Debrecen, University and National Library as a supporting partner, provides an inspirational space for the entire university community.
Responding to a constantly changing environment, we continuously adapt our services to the community’s needs. We continue to be the supporters of education, research and learning at the University with our well-trained and well-prepared staff. Our performance, professional knowledge, and commitment are exemplary for other institutions. Due to the modern physical and virtual spaces of the library, it is the main arena of the community life at the university; as such serves as an organizer, host, and provider of real and virtual communities.
With its unique, well accessible national collection, it is a key institution for preserving Hungarian national cultural heritage.

Mission Statement

The University of Debrecen, University and National Library plays a central part in the preservation and management of the university and national knowledge assets.

The Library advocates the general university goals set out in the mission statement of the university by:

  • providing modern services, valuable collections, spaces, community initiatives
  • supporting the current research, education and learning processes
  • promoting social engagement, innovation, continuous learning

Moreover, we take care of the systematic collection and ensure the visibility of the University's scientific achievements both nationally and internationally.
As a national and public library, with legal deposit right, we play a prominent role in the protection, preservation of our national cultural heritage.


Updated: 2019.01.07.