Opening hours

We have reopened our libraries from 22 June, 2020, with exception of the Arts and Sciences Library, where our services are still provided in a limited form. 

In accordance with the health recommendations we advise to use face masks and hand sanitizer, and to keep a 1,5 m distance. 


Borrowing in the ASL

In the Arts and Sciences Library, we provide our borrowing services in a limited form. 


How to borrow?

  • Find the document you want to borrow in the online catalogue
  • Send a stack request
  • Wait for the verification e-mail and check your requests here
  • Visit the library indicated as a serving location of your document and pick up the prepared package


Book pickup times:

Stack requests submitted between 11:00 and 15:00 can be picked up until 17.30. Any requests submitted after 15:00 can be picked up from 11:00 the following day.
The documents will be kept at the desks for 2 days counted from the date of the request. Then the item will be returned to the stacks.


Onsite research

DE researchers, Faculty and PhD students can use research rooms for onsite use of the documents for the purpose of research. During this period documents from the open shelves can be requested via stack request. The requested documents are served to the selected research room. 


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If you have further questions about the change in our services, contact us at 



Updated: 2020.07.27.