Self-Service Copying and Printing

You can use the Self-Service MFPs (multi-function printers) for printing, photocopying and scanning documents.

The instructions are posted near the machines.

You can reproduce library documents only in accordance with applicable law.

To use the machines, you will need


Prices Photocopying Printing from one of the Library’s computers

Scanning Online Printing Library copy centers



      Size Type Pages Price (HUF)

    Copying and


    A/4 Black and White Single-Sided 8
    Double –Sided 12
    Colour Single-Sided 24
    Double –Sided 44
    A/3 Black and White Single-Sided 22
    Double –Sided 36
    Colour Single-Sided 48
    Double –Sided 88
    Scanning max. A/3      24



    • Using the MFPs, you can either make black and white or colour copies, up to A3 size, in a single-sided or 2-sided page format; 
    • To start photocopying swipe your University card on the card reader and choose the copy option;
    • Please follow the instructions posted near the MFP machines.


    Printing form a Library PC

    1. Select the printer named: PrintAnywhere; set the parameters and send the document;
    2. Choose any of the MFPs to print it out. 

    Please note: To print from a library PC, you must log in to the PC with your NEPTUN username and password.


    Online Printing

    Online Printing Service allows you to print any uploaded file on any library MFPs.


    1. Use this link: and Log in with your NEPTUN username and password;
    2. Click on the "Upload new print job" button and upload your document;

      Please note: You cannot change the parameters of the printing; the document will be printed the way it was uploaded.  For example, when you upload a color document, the printout will also be colored. 

    3.  Refresh the page. To track the status of the uploaded documents click on the “Manage Print jobs” button. Here you can preview or delete the jobs as well; 

    4. Locate an MFP and print the document.

    Please note: University IP address is required for the use of Online Printing Service.



    • Available at 600x600 dpi resolution up to A3 size in pdf, tiff or jpg format;
    • Please, follow the instructions posted near the MFP machines;
    • The maximum size of a scanned document is 10MB;
    • The scanned document will be sent to your registered email address.

    Please note: You will receive the scanned document only if your e-mail address is up to date. Please check it in My Library Account.

    Updated: 2020.10.01.