Service changes due to University measures

In accordance with the measures of the government administration, our libraries are closed.

Our online services are available. If you do not have a valid library membership, you can register here (only for University Students and Staff).

For our external readers whose Reading Room Card expired after 1st March, we extend the validity until 1st September upon request.


We provide borrowing services to our patrons in a limited form.

This limited form will be a grab-and- go system. As part of this, we will compile and pre-loan the books you requested online. You can pick up your book package at the circulation desks of each libraries* from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 16.00.

*In the case of Engineering Library at the reception

** Due to the extended opening hours in the Kassai Street Campus LibraryLife Sciences LibraryArts and Sciences Library you can pick up the prepared book packages between 9.00 and 17.30.

How to borrow?

  • Find the document you want to borrow in the online catalogue
  • Send a stack request*
  • Wait for the verification e-mail and check your requests here
  • Visit the library indicated as a serving location of your document and pick up the prepared package**


* In the case of Pedagogy Library please send your requests via email to , in the case of Szolnok Campus Library to address and in the case of Music Library to .
**In the case of Engineering Library, please contact us via email: before visiting the library to receive the books.


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Please note: when you come to pick up your package, follow the posted instructions, always wear a mask and follow the safety precautions.

Book pickup times:

Stack requests submitted by 11 a.m. can be picked up between 13.00- 15.00.* Any requests submitted after 11.a.m. can be picked up from 9 a.m the following day.
The documents will be kept at the desks for 2 days counted from the date of the request. Then the item will be returned to the stacks.

*Due to the extended opening hours in the Kassai Street Campus LibraryLife Sciences LibraryArts and Sciences Library you can pick up the prepared book packages until 17.30.

Always bring your library card with you!


Onsite research

DE researchers, Faculty and PhD students can use research rooms for onsite use of the documents for the purpose of research.

Availability of Spaces

The research rooms cannot be used to stay in and study. 

      Spaces in our smaller libraries are available depending on whether entering the host building is permitted.  

      In the library spaces it is required to keep the following health regulations:  

  • keep a 1,5 m distance from others, 
  • use a face mask,  
  • regularly disinfect your hands,
  • securing hand sanitizer/ hand wash.  

Book service

During this period documents from the open shelves can be requested via stack request. However, there is a possibility for onsite use (regulated as mentioned above).The requested documents are served to the selected research room . 


What happens to already borrowed documents?

As borrowing is restored with a limited service, book returns and renewals are available again. The settlement of late fees is available in the Neptun system.

Book Returns

Please use the book drop boxes located in our libraries* when returning books.

*Engineering Library reception: Monday-Friday, between 9.00- 15.00 (prior consultation is required via the following email address:

Please note that you  can return books borrowed from any of our libraries at these sites except for the Szolnok Campus Library and Pedagogy Library, where you can only return books borrowed from there.
Please do not drop books from other institutional libraries.

You can return books via postal service as well to the following address: 
DEENK, 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.

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Please note, that the returned books are quarantined for 72 hours, we update your loan record only after that. (Obviously, no fine will be charged for this period.)

Settlement of outstanding fees

University students can settle library debts in the Neptun system.

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Please note, debts will appear in the Neptun system only after we updated your loan record. After it you can settle your debt.

Library Clearance Certificate

There are ongoing consultations between the Library and Faculties on the certificates of graduating students.  The Registrar's offices send notices about the required information to the students concerned.


Providing digital teaching materials for teachers

For the teachers of the University of Debrecen we digitize the articles and book chapters used for distance education within the frameworks of our new service E-learning2020. 

Electronically available books, information sources

Use off-campus access to access our licensed databases and online resources from an off-campus location.


You can find subscribed databases here>>> 

The list is constantly updated with the electronic resources temporarily made available due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Available categories: Hungarian and foreign e-books, journals, temporarily available contents, scienctometrics, consortium subscriptions, video collections. The content can be browsed by academic disciplines as well.


E-books and journals

Use the E-Document Finder to find e-books and journals in foreign languages.


Broader Access to DEA

We have extended the access to documents stored in the University of Debrecen Electronic Archive (DEA). Registered users of the library can also access documents marked with "University IP" or " Library computers" restriction from home (eg.: thesis and diploma papers).  Click here for further details>>

Lecture notes and textbooks

Due to the extraordinary situation lecture notes and textbooks published by DUPress are freely available for the lecturers and students Click here for details>>

Free online sources

Open access scientific journals can be found at the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), and books at the  Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB).

During the coronavirus epidemic, the EIS provides temporarily free access to international databases>>>

Updated: 2020.11.16.