General Rules and Regulations

Please always comply with the following rules:

  • Library cards are not transferable. You must use your library card. Please do not give your library card to anyone else;  
  • Use library materials and equipment with responsibility;
  • If you take a book without checking it out, a librarian will record the case;
  • Highlighting, underlining or taking notes in Library material is not allowed;
  • You are required to compensate for the loss or damage caused while the item was in your care;
  • Be considerate to others while using your cell phone and other devices;

The number of seats are limited. Please vacate your space if you are taking a long break.

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In the Life Sciences Library  personal belongings and other items left unattended for more than 30 minutes may be collected by librarians and placed in a designated bag on site. After that, another customer is entitled to occupy the study space.

  • Eating is not allowed, drinks must be kept in closed containers (thermos, lid cup, etc.).
  • You are required to obey the norms of public behaviour fit for the library. You are required to study quietly in consideration of others.
  • You are required to dress appropriately.
  • Smoking, the use of electronic cigarettes, and the consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.

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Librarians have the right to take action against patrons who intentionally or regularly violate library policy. If, despite the warning, a patron fails to comply with the policy, or attempts to take a document from the library without borrowing it, a librarian shall draw up minutes and the Director General of the Library will take action within 30 days.
Depending on the extent of the damage caused, you may be temporarily or permanently excluded from the library. Depending on the severity of the case, you may be required to pay compensation or a criminal complaint will be filed.

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Updated: 2020.03.30.