Notation on Books

Call number

The call number is a set of letters and numbers that help you identify and locate documents in the library. A unique call number can be found on the spine of each book, CD/DVD, cassette case, etc. If you are looking for a specific book, you should be familiar with its call number because books are arranged in call number order.  You can find the call number of each book in the online catalogue.

Loan Periods and Restrictions

All information regarding loan periods and restrictions can be found either in the online catalogue or on the documents (book spines, CD/DVD cases, etc.) marked with color-coded labels.

Color Label Meaning Library
Without label Borrowable for any registered reader All libraries
Red For on site use/overnight loan LSL, ML, KCL, ASL, PL
Green Restricted circulation LSL, KCL
Blue For local use/overnight loan PL

Updated: 2019.02.12.