Open Access Support

Charging publication fees (APC = Article Processing Charge) is a common procedure for Open Access Journals. Once the full cost of publication is paid, the publications will be accessible to anyone, free of charge, thus providing visibility regardless of copyright.  

Since 2016, the University of Debrecen has been providing financial support for publications, to which DEENK stands as a professional support.  

Our staff will:

  • Examine whether the selected journal fulfills the requirements of open access;
  • Help you select the most prestigious OA journals in the discipline concerned;
  • Inform you about the ways of open publishing, and the possible dangers.

Conditions of the support:

  • Publishing of research papers in an open access journal is supported only via the Gold route (hybrid publishing is not supported);
  • The journal must be indexed by at least one of the following databases: DOAJ, JCR, WoS, Scimago, Scopus, OASPA;
  • The author(s) must have a legal relationship with the University of Debrecen, and the University of Debrecen must be listed as an affiliation in the publication;  
  • In the case of articles written in cooperation, either the first author or two other authors must fulfill the previous condition;
  • The author(s) must have an iDEa Tudóstér profile;
  • The article has to be uploaded to the iDEa Tudóstér.

How many open access articles are supported annually?

The aim of the program is to support a wide range of the University’s research community. To ensure this, in the case of multiple support requests, the payment decision is made up by examining the volume of the claims and the available resources. Based on the last few years’ experience, maximum 3 articles are supported.

Process of Requesting

To request support fill in this form: Open Access Support Request.

Further information about the support >>

Updated: 2020.06.11.