You can place a hold on documents that are currently on loan.

The request can be placed at the "Details" of the book in the library catalogue.


  •  is free of charge. You may reserve a maximum of  5 books;
  •  is valid for 30 days, after 30 days the system will automatically cancel it;
  • can be canceled before the reserved document is returned.

Reservation methods:

  • you can reserve an item personally by visiting the items’ Home Location;
  • complete the "Reservation form" and give it to the librarian at the circulation desk;
  • when the reserved items arrive, you will be notified via email. Reserved books are held for 2 working days. After 2 days the item will be reshelved.



Please note: You will receive the email notification only if your contact details are up to date. Please check it in My Library Account and read your emails regularly.

You cannot reserve items, if:

  • your library card has expired;
  • you have overdue loans or fines that exceed 1000 HUF;
  • you have reached the maximum loan limit;
  • you have reached your maximum number of reservations.

What happens if someone reserves your book? 

If someone reserves your book, you must return it by the due date. If the item is reserved, renewal is not possible.

Updated: 2021.09.08.