National Collection

Due to the right to legal deposits (1952), our library receives and archives copies of all document types published in Hungary that laid the foundation of the national collection.

Based on our collection building policy the library puts a great emphasis on the acquirement of rare books and manuscripts of the local and Hungarian editions and references. This activity was carried out with a clear purpose to make the collection of books published before 1952 more complete.  

According to the 1960 stock revision, our collection contained 75% of the documents published in Hungary before 1952. The tendency continued as the library enriched its collection through different types of acquisitions from second-hand bookshop and private library purchases, to requests from the national book distribution center. This process included the acquisition of microfilms and digitized copies as well.

As a result, in accordance with the 1997 library law, we were provided with national status. However, over time, the task with national collection changed from archiving to providing service.  

The copies the library receives as legal deposits are arranged according to 7 major academic disciplines. Special collections are also part of this collection such as old and rare books. Moreover, the collection with its extensive number of books makes it available for the library to serve as a main supplier in the National Document Supply System.

The first collection to be separated was the Periodical collection (since 1955) which was followed by the Manuscript collection and Music Collection (since 1957), the Poster Collection (1959),  the Old and Rare Books Collection (1976) and different Legacy collections, Patent and Standards Collection.

Updated: 2019.05.29.