Read & Publish Agreements

Within the framework of Read & Publish agreements individual institutions, or so-called consortiums can cover 100% of the article processing charges of the affiliated authors. Unless stated otherwise by the author, articles are automatically published open access (under CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND license). In addition, the agreements involve database and journal subscriptions. 

The University of Debrecen has the agreement with the following publishers: 


Publishing support in hybrid journals: 
Corresponding authors are  entitled to a 100% publication fee support, if their articles were accepted for publication in 2021 by an eligible Springer Open Choice (hybrid) journal. It involves more than 1,850 journals from which our researchers can choose. Only the Original Paper, Review Paper, Brief Communication and Continuing Education type of articles are covered by this agreement.  

Once the article is accepted for publication, Springer will notify the author about the availability of the institutional support. You will receive an email with a link to the MyPublication process pages, where you can acknowledge the funding.   

Here you can find the Springer guide

You can also check the publisher's page for more information. See the description of Springer Nature


Publishing support in fully open access journals: 

The University of Debrecen covers the cost of article processing charges if the following conditions are met: 

  • The type of the article must be Original Paper, Review Paper, Briefcommunication, or Continuing Education, 
  • The corresponding author of the article is affiliated with the University of Debrecen, 
  • Only articles which were accepted for publication in 2021 by an eligible open access journal can be supported by our institution. 

Important: Before submitting your article in any of the journals, check the journal lists available on the publisher’s  website and confirm if they are part of the agreement.  


For further details see the related Guide of Springer Nature, or contact us at   . 




To receive support for publishing in a Wiley journal, the corresponding author must be affiliated with the University of Debrecen. The agreement applies to Primary Research and Review Paper articles accepted after January 15, 2019.  

Before the submission of the manuscript please check the eligible journal lists on the publisher’s website.  

This opportunity is available in 2021 as well. 

To be eligible for financial support you must make a statement when submitting your article. 

  • Guide to fully Open Access journal 
  • Guide to OnlineOpen (hybrid) journals 


For more details, see the Guide of Wiley or contact us at   . 


The agreement with Elsevier is active from 1 July 2019. From that date, corresponding authors will be able to recognized as eligible authors for 100% financial support when submitting an article. The opportunity is available for the authors of the University of Debrecen in the year 2021.  

Corresponding authors have the opportunity to publish in nearly 1,750 journals by Elsevier, without the financial burden placed on them. 

Browse eligible journals in the Elsevier Journal Search Tool






Please note: Publishers may invoice APC fee to the name of the author. If you do not receive notification within 2 working days that your institution has completed the transfer, please contact the library at




Please note: The financing of the publishing support is limited to the article processing charges (APC) only. Other extra costs, such as page cost or color chart fee cannot be supported.


Updated: 2021.04.28.