Overdue Fees

You will be charged with an overdue fee if you do not renew or return documents on time. The overdue fine for each document is 50HUF/day.



Please note: There is a 3-day grace period for the items not returned by the due date. Note that once the grace period has elapsed, you are fined retroactively, starting from the due date.


The overdue fee for an overnight loan is 500HUF/hour/item.

Overdue fees can be paid in any of our libraries in cash. You can also pay by card in the following libraries: 

Keep track on due dates in my library.

To Avoid Fines

We send email notifications to remind and alert you about the due dates. Follow the instructions of the email to avoid overdue fees.

Always keep your contact details up to date in order to receive the notifications.

Updated: 2021.08.10.