Where and How to Publish?

Over the last decades, scientific communication has undergone significant changes. The number of publications, citations and the journals where the articles are published became the measures of different evaluation systems.     

How to choose a journal  

Searching for possible journals

Take into account the type and scope of the journals where you want to publish your article. In doing so, you can rely on your own previous knowledge/experience, but it is worth exploring the publications of the given discipline area systematically.

Selection Criteria  

What to consider when publishing 

How to increase visibility  

• Create a researcher profile on the iDEa Tudóstér website or other social networking sites for researchers;
• Place your publications in open access journals and/or open access repositories;
• Share your publications with your colleagues and other researchers;
• Check the citations of your articles on Web of Science, Scopus, or Google Scholar databases.

Updated: 2019.02.11.