Media Collection

The media collection evolved from legal deposit copies of sheet music, as well as audio and visual documents. Moreover, due to the systematic collecting, the library contains special collections of museum pieces such as the scores published by Diabelli in the 1820s that were prepared from mould-made paper with lithography, as well as scores published by the Ricordi publishing house from the second half of the 19th century. This collection hosts rare and protected old records and the chorus master György Gulyás's legacy documents.

Here you can find all kinds of mediums from the last century, such as vinyl records, cassettes, VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs, and Blue-ray discs.

Besides the audio and visual materials, the library has enriched its collection with the specialized literature on music and film.   


On-site use of books, audio and visual documents placed on the shelves is available for everyone. The documents can be borrowed by registered members.  


Type Call number Available for Amount Duration (day)
Scores A.Z. Every patron 5 30
K.Z. UD academic staff, Ph.D. students,
Students of the Faculty of Music
R.Z. Academic Staff of the Faculty of Music
CD, vinyl, audio cassette K.HCD; A.LP; AK.LP; A.MK; AK.MK Every patron 5 14
K.MK, K.LP  UD academic staff, Ph.D. students, Students of the Faculty of Music
Blu-ray, DVD, VHS tape DVD, V UD citizens (during the week) 1 1
UD citizens (on weekends) 2


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Updated: 2019.02.26.