You can renew items up to a maximum of 5 times.  

After you have reached the maximum number of renewals, you must return the document. If it is not reserved, you can borrow it again immediately.

Renewal methods:

In person - at the Circulation desks

For renewal, you must visit the library from which you borrowed the item.

Online - using the Catalogue

  1. Sign in to My Library Account;
  2. On the “My Libraries” tab select a library to check the list of items on loan and their due dates;
  3. Select the item you wish to renew and click on the “Renew Selected” button or choose “Renew All.”
  4. Check the page for the new due dates and the number of renewals.

Please note: you have to check and renew your loans separately in each library.

Via Email 

Send an email to the library from which you borrowed your book and request the renewal of the item. Include the barcode number of your library card in the subject field of the email.   


Reply to the reminder email you receive before the item becomes due. You will receive a verification email with the new due date and other information.



Please note: Your renewal will be valid only after you received the verification email.

By telephone

Call the library from which you borrowed your document.

Renewal is not possible, if:

  • The document on loan is already overdue;
  • Another reader has reserved the book. In this case, you must return the book by the original due date;
  • You have reached the maximum number of renewals.
  • You have reached the 1000 HUF in overdue fines.

Updated: 2021.02.19.