Technology for Learning and Teaching

Type Use it... Programs
Lecture Recording
  • To review the presentations
  • To record materials for students to help them prepare for the courses
  • To archive lectures and lecture activities
  • To help students who couldn't show up in the class
  • Camtasia Relay
  • Mediasite
  • Podcast Recordings
  • iTunesU
Online Cooperation
  • To manage and share large files for team work
  • To improve team processing and decision making
  • To help small group discussions during lessons
  • For team-building
  • To facilitate collaboration
Video conferencing / Chat
  • To meet outside the campus virtually
  • To make group work easier
  • To hold webinars
  • To hold joint lectures with teachers from other universities
  • To keep contact with native speakers
  • To involve experts and guests in the lectures
  • Skype
  • Google + Hangouts
  • To publish individually or group written assignments
  • To make group notes
  • To write for a large audience
  • To create custom portfolios and logs
Individual response  
  • To assess students’ prior knowledge 
  • To visualize student understanding
  • To initiate group discussions on difficult topics
  • To administrate tests and surveys 
  • To collect feedbacks on the lectures
  • To record class attendance and participation 
Presentation tools 
  • To present an outline, visual aids and instructions 
  • To present sample tests and questions
  • To organize the materials and to hold a presentation
  • To revise the material 
Sharing Files 
  • To share course materials 
  • To share video and audio content
  • To facilitate collaboration (among students and/or the instructor) 
Screen Recording 
  • To promote active studying
  • To create presentations and other learning materials 
  • To give feedback on the students’ work 
  • Jing
  • Camtasia
  • To assess preliminary knowledge
  • To help students keep up with the curriculum week by week 
  • Google Forms
  • SurveyMonkey
  • SurveyGizmo

Updated: 2019.01.11.