Off-Campus Access

UD Students and Staff  with valid Library Membership can access our licensed databases and online resources (e-journals, and e-book collections) from an off-campus location.

To set up your internet connection select "Automatic proxy configuration” and paste the following link:

After restarting your browser you must login with your library account: Library card number and your password (your default password is your date of birth before MMDD (e.g., 02 May-0502). Note: add “ud” before the card number (e.g., ud0012345678 / 0502).


Please note: Theses are not available through off-campus access. They can be viewed only on campus.

Detailed Configuration Guides:

  • Any browser in Windows 10: pdf
  • Google Chrome: pdf;( Windows 7)
  • Firefox: pdf;
  • Opera: pdf;
  • Safari: pdf;
  • Microsoft Edge: pdf;


Shibboleth, EduID authentication

To access subscribed databases off-campus you can use Shibboleth or EduID authentication as well.

For the identification, the citizens of the University of Debrecen should use the same username and password they use to log in to Neptun system.

The following databases can be accessed off-Campus using Shibboleth / EduID authentication:

Updated: 2020.04.23.