Overnight Loan

Students, faculty/staff of the University of Debrecen can borrow Library use onlybooks for overnight loan.   

The overnight loan is available one hour before the library closes and the books must be returned  within one hour after the library opens on the next working day.  



Please note: Hourly overdue fines (500 HUF/ hour) apply for overnight loans. Items returned 1 day late will result in suspension of the overnight loan privileges for 6 months.

The overnight loan is not available, if: 

  • you are not a registered member;
  • you are not affiliated with the University of Debrecen;
  • your library card has expired;
  • in the last 6 months you had a delay in an overnight loan that exceeded one day.

The service is available at:


Arts and Sciences Library
Life Sciences Library
Kassai Street Campus Library

Updated: 2019.11.15.