Reference Manager Softwares

Reference Manager softwares can build up libraries to help you handle your data (store, organize, sort, format bibliography).  

Your library is always available in the cloud. You can sort, retreive, and share documents by private preferences and insert attachements.

These softwares contain several referencing styles that can be easily accessed through word processors. The style of referencing can be changed anytime, and the related bibliography can be generated automatically.  

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Subscribed Reference Manager Softwares


RefWorks (new platform)

The Proquest provided RefWorks is an online reference management service. This service offers high-quality content collections and tools through our library.  


  • Register from a UD IP address to access the databases from anywhere. (You do not need to set up Off- Campus Access);  
  • When logging in from a university IP address, you will see a RefWorks User Login form. Sign in to use RefWorks by entering your email address and password.  It is recommended that you enter an official institutional email address.
  • After the first login, you can use this software from a non-university IP address. To do this, you need to enter the institution's group password in the "Remote Access" tab, which is the following: "RWUniDeb". All other steps are the same as above.
  • Registration is free for UD students, faculty and staff.


This reference manager software is similar to RefWorks.
Its use is subject to a unique license, i.e. users have to purchase the software package for their personal computer. Currently, version x9 is available at the University as part of our subscription.

You can inquire about the license purchase via e-mail at .
Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Mac.

Free Softwares


It is a free reference manager software of the Elsevier publisher, which places great emphasis on supporting research collaborations. In Mendeley, the network of researchers follows the tendencies of social networking.  


It is a popular and free online reference manager program with many features. It is compatible with most databases and word processors.

Updated: 2020.07.22.