MTMT Registration

According to research funding requirements and regulations, the research results published in Hungary must be recorded in the Hungarian Scientific Research Center (MTMT) operated by the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.  

The coordination tasks between MTMT and the University of Debrecen are performed by DEENK.

Contact information regarding uploading and registration:

Guidelines here>>

Import data from iDEa Tudóstér

All researchers of the University of Debrecen can create a researcher’s profile in Idea Tudóstér. The publications archived in the DEA can be accessed there.

A verified list of publications stored here can be directly uploaded to the MTMT database, which significantly simplifies the procedure.  


  • Open your iDEa Tudóstér profile;
  • At the publication list, click on the option „A lista áttöltése az MTMT rendszerébe”;
  • Download the RIS file;
  • Open your MTMT profile and choose "Import adatbázisból" option;
  • Upload the RIS file.

Updated: 2019.02.11.