Digital Library

We make digital copies of the most valuable and unique documents (old and rare books, legacy collections and heritage assets) in the DEENK’s holdings.  

By digitizing, we can preserve the original document, and grant direct access to the users.  

The building of the collection was first driven by the aim of preservation and the exploration of local historical treasures. By now, there is a special emphasis on education and research support.

Our digitized documents are available in the following collections:

  • Bookplates Collection
    István Nyíreő’s collection consists of thousands of iconic works of the 20th century.
  • Poster Collections
    The collection consists of more than one and a half million posters, many leaflets and flyers from the advertising world, graphic design, film and theater posters of the 20th century.
  • Old Book
    This collection contains books such as The Brünn edition of János Thuróczy's Chronica Hungarorum, published in 1488, or projects like the Europeana Travel with its digitized content on the theme of Hungarian travel writing.
  • Maps
    The collection consists of freely accessible Debrecen- and Hungary- related special maps from the 18th and 19th century.
  • Photography Collections
    The collection consists of the official minutes of the University Council and the University archive photo collection. This provides exceptional resources for University history research.
  • Periodicals (periodicals from the North Trans-Tisza region, Old Hungarian periodicals)
    The 3 major components of this digital collection are the Debrecen-related, the Old Hungarian, and the University periodicals. This collection consists of valuable periodicals such as Kelet Népe, Debreczeni Képes Kalendárium,  Magyar Museum, and the Orpheus. 
  • Debrecen Theatre Posters
    This collection aims to introduce the city’s thriving cultural life, theatre culture, and international relations between 1862 and 1920. In the database, you can search for scenographers, costume designers, directors, choirmasters, and guest stars.

Updated: 2020.01.22.