Library PCs and WiFi

Only registered members can use the Library PCs.

Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows, and LibreOffice (office suite) run on the Library PCs.  


Using Library PCs

  • A temporary user profile is created every time you log on. This profile is deleted at the end of each session. Please save your files to an external file storage device (USB sticks, CD/DVD) / flash drive);  
  • PCs equipped with USB ports and CD/DVD Drives;
  • Do not use library computers for downloading/watching illegal and/or pornographic content;
  • Optical mouses, LAN cables, and headphones are available in many of our libraries. 


Log in to a Library computer

  1. Enter your Reader’s barcode and password. The default password is your date of birth in the format of MMDD (e.g., 02 May-0502). UD Citizens can log in with their eduID;
  2. Select a language and click on the Log In button.

Please note: The computers will turn off automatically before the library closes. Save your ongoing work regularly to a flash drive.


EDUROAM network is available in all DEENK libraries.

For external members

The library’s network is called: visitors. Only registered members can use it.

  1. To connect your device to the “visitors” wireless network, you will need to register your device’s MAC address; 
  2. After registering your device, you can connect to the “visitors” wireless network.

If your membership expires, you will lose access to the “visitors” network, but you can regain it by renewing your membership.

If you want to use a new device you need to do the device registration process again.

Updated: 2021.02.19.