Poster Collection

The Poster Collection has a remarkable value, and it is unique among the special collections of the library.

The collection contains more than 1 500 000 posters and brochures that have been built up since 1952. The library can give a sample of almost the whole of 20th century’s advertisements, graphic products, and film-and theatre posters due to the posters obtained subsequently from the 1920s and 1930s.

Numerous posters and brochures made by acclaimed artists (like Tibor Pólya, István Irsai, Andor Bánhidi, or György Konecsni) represent the century between the interwar period and present days.

Usage of this collection

In Printed form

  • Only registered members can visit the collection;
  • Stack requests can be placed for materials stored in the remote storage. Delivery from remote storage is available once a week. Any request submitted by Monday 16:00, can be picked up on Wednesday from 9:00 am;
  • Posters are available only for on-site use;
  • Photocopies can be made only on the library’s copy machines.

In digitized form  

Part of this collection is available in digitized format through the DEA’s poster collection.

Serving location

Arts and Sciences Library, Periodical Reading Room


Updated: 2019.07.05.